Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Out of every artist I have ever met or worked with, Pun was the most down to earth and humble of them all. I first met him at a session I was at with Diamond D for a track he was doing with Pun for HOLA Records. Pun was not known yet but you could tell he was going to be a problem. In between him recording I approached him and told him I made beats. He took my tape and asked me " You Boriqua?" I said yeah. He said " Im going to listen to this EXTRA HARD!!' He wound up picking like 3 tracks off my tape that he wanted to record for his first album, but Joe told him he needed to only work with big name producers on his first joint. Joe was his manager and I remember Pun was not too happy when he told me he couldn't use the tracks again. We still stayed in touch and we recorded a few joints at D&D one night when he came trough to a session I was doing with another group. He did a verse on like two joints and we just kicked it there till like 5am. I remember one time when I was working with this young Dominican girl from Dyckman on an r&b project. Pun wanted to meet her and asked me to meet him at his house on Howe Ave in the Bx. I was supposed to be there by like 1pm and wound up getting delayed and did not get there till 3 or so. I pulled up to his house thinking that Pun bounced but he was in his car with his kids and Liza his wife waiting on me. He was like " Yo Chris I waited for you man see! I ain;t bounce on you!' I apologized and introduced him to the girl. He spoke to her for a second and as soon as she walked back to my car he asked me " Yo you fucking her?" I was like " Nahh man lol" He said " Yo you should be B!'" I stayed in touch with Pun after his album came out and while he was working on his 2nd. I heard on the radio that he passed as I was driving and I shed a tear man. He was one of the last real rappers and one of the best to ever do it. RIP PUN. This is a collection by DJ Books of all classic Pun verses.



Andyman187 said...

Love the stories Bro! Yo you still have them Pun verses & possibly share them joints?


I do have them on 2 inch tape. I had cassette copies that I am still trying to look for. I hope to get to a studio that still has a 2 inch tape machine to get them. As soon as I do that i will post them.