Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#Video SOUNDWALK - Bronx Hip-Hop w/ Jazzy Jay

Winner of the 2004 Audie Award for Best Original Work -- The Original Jazzy Jay, a pioneer of hip-hop sweeps you back to revisit secret block parties and scratch contests in the Bronx. Will always have the utmost respect for Jazzy Jay. #Respect #TheFoundation

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The SP1200 Redux Vinyl Pre order is upon us...
This is the vinyl version of the Lord Finesse: SP1200 Redux Digital Edition which is available for 

****(Do not confuse this Edition w/ the earlier SP1200 Re- Awakening Edition as there are different bundles and Promos items that wasn't available w/ the last Edition***


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Lord Finesse


Monday, March 2, 2015

Message from @LordFinesseDITC ....

" "THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL LORD FINESSE & DJ PREMIER DRUM KIT" Me & my brother DJ Premier have never put together a drum kit as this "BS" is being advertised.. Please do not be fooled into believing you are getting an actual & official DRUM KIT by Me or DJ Premier.. 
Please pass on the information.. 

The Great News is I am working on an official "Sound Kit" for the near future that will include both new & vintage sound kits**
Lord Finesse

Had to get this message out there. Producers used to take pride in finding their own kicks, snares, hi hats etc... Even if I knew where a sample came from, I wouldn't even think to use it right behind the next producer. Nowadays there is no pride in Rap music production and it reflects in the "music"

If you are gonna use drum kits SUPPORT anything Lord Finesse releases. Consider it a blessing. 

#Salute #DITC 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

#VIDEO WAVE: A True Story In Hip Hop #Documentary Trailer

See how the legendary Tony "Mr. Wave" Wesley went from a kid in the Bronx to an international B-Boy superstar to entrepreneur and activist. This film includes never before seen archival pictures and interviews with not only Mr. Wave, but with legendary New York City Breakers such as Lil Lep, Powerful Pexter, as well as hip hop legends Special K, Melle Mel and a host of other hip hop icons. Mr. Wave will also discuss his views on grassroots leadership, the new hip hop and his struggles to become the man he is today. A Wave Entertainment and Bundy Films, LLC production. Produced and Directed by Tony Wesley and Brian Bullock. Edited by Mario Lobo.