Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#RIP Full Flex #TerrorSquad #Video

 #RIP Full Flex. Below are words from Liza Rios wife of Big Pun.

 " Yesterday I got news that T.S. Full Flex had passed away yesterday. I be honest my relationship with him was no longer once Pun passed away but I can not forget what he meant to us to TS to me. First if it wasn't for Flex my Husband Pun would of never been TS. TS wouldn't been TS if not for Flex. This Man help take care of my husband and handled affairs on the road. For me he was always easy to get along out of the crew he was the one for me who was most level headed. I will never forget the day when he defended my honor to Pun oneday on the road. He told Pun to treat me better cause I was heaven sent and that he couldn't bare to see what he does to me. He was afraid of what Pun would do but he still stood up for me and that I will never forget. Times like these is when I remise about what was....moments that I will forever cherish. ‪#‎RIPFULLFLEXTS‬ " Liza Rios