Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Coming to theaters this summer. Produced by Doitall from Lords of the Underground. Make sure you check out the trailer and visit the website http://www.zoothemovie.com for full details. This film is based on a true story. Below is a NY Times article about the Zoo Crew.

Newark's 'Zoo Crew' Business Head Pleads Guilty in Drug Ring Case By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN Published: June 09, 1998 

The leader of what had seemed to be a civic-minded group of entrepreneurs known as the Zoo Crew pleaded guilty today to a Federal drug trafficking conspiracy charge, admitting that his clothing boutique, florist shop, carry-out restaurant and auto supply store were actually fronts for an elaborate drug distribution ring. The leader, Terrance Dent, 30, of Edison, N.J., pleaded guilty in United States District Court to possessing and conspiring to distribute more than 150 kilograms of cocaine. Under Federal sentencing guidelines, he faces a minimum of 10 years in prison, a maximum of life imprisonment and a fine of $4 million. Two men identified as Mr. Dent's top lieutenants and a dozen other co-conspirators have also pleaded guilty to related drug charges. ''The veneer was stripped away further from the Zoo Crew today when its leader, a drug dealer who spent months on the run as a fugitive from justice, admitted his role in cocaine and heroin trafficking,'' Faith S. Hochberg, the United States Attorney in New Jersey, said in a statement. To many in the poor neighborhoods of Newark, the members of the Zoo Crew appeared to be industrious, generous and appealing, bringing new businesses to depressed areas, leading protests against police brutality and donating money to provide basketball clinics for children. The group's headquarters on Clinton Avenue was a popular clothing boutique, Zoo Sportswear. But investigators like John J. Coleman, the special agent in charge of the New Jersey office of the Drug Enforcement Agency, described the Zoo Crew as ''almost a drug supermarket operation,'' in which narcotics were brought wholesale from New York and supplied rapidly to street dealers through a network of drivers. Investigators said the crew was responsible for millions of dollars in cocaine and heroin sales in New Jersey, North Carolina and elsewhere. Other fronts for the drug operation included a florist shop, Zoo Flowers; a take-out restaurant called Boney's Place and an auto supply store called Get Wise. Mr. Dent also admitted to conducting a number of telephone conversations as part of the drug distribution operation, including conversations with his brother, Laquan Dent, who, together with another suspect, Jamal Howard, is scheduled to be tried on related drug charges in September. In addition to Terrance Dent, his lieutenants and the 12 other co-defendants who have pleaded in the Zoo Crew conspiracy, five other suspects have pleaded guilty as drug dealers who worked for the Zoo Crew and a sixth defendant was convicted of a heroin charge. Most of the alleged members of the Zoo Crew were arrested and indicted last August. But Mr. Dent went into hiding and remained a fugitive for five months until his arrest in March in the Bronx.