Thursday, April 5, 2012


Dancehall Queen Patra is about to release her new project. Shouts to Rich Nice. Below is an interview she did recently with Glamsense


GLAMSENSE: Hi PATRA, it’s been a long time, how’s everything?
PATRA: It’s been great, happy to be back.

GLAMSENSE: What are you up to? And what is your new project?

PATRA: It’s all about love, romance, and sex, nothing political. (PATRA giggles).

GLAMSENSE: You have been a sex symbol for years; do you think your image influence the change in female artists?

PATRA: My image has always been sexual, I love to be sexy, my music portrays romance and love and I’m a very romantic person myself.

GLAMSENSE: Are we going to get the same old PATRA, same sounds?

PATRA: I’m coming as the same PATRA, no different, just better, expect all kinds of music from me; my fan base will never go unpleased.

GLAMSENSE: You’re a trendsetter; can you explain your fashion choices for your new album?

PATRA: First of all, you have to have good health, keep fit, my image will always be my shorts and braids, during my break I didn’t have any braids in but I think my braids are my signature mark, so for my fans I want to remain truthful but the color of my braids will change colors just like my mood. (PATRA laughs).

GLAMSENSE: So this new album you’re working on, tell us something about it?

PATRA: The album that’s coming out is a continuation of where I left off, more mature and sensual, and I think this will be my best work ever.

GLAMSENSE: Tell us about the new team you’re working with.

PATRA: My new team consists of Mr. Rich nice, who’s the head of the A&R team, I have my own company and I’m getting ready to make a comeback, I feel great to be doing what I love best and excited for the future.

GLAMSENSE: you have been on break for a long time, what’s been going with you?

PATRA: I took a break because I wanted to be in control of my situation and my own life, I was not happy so I took the proper measurement to revent myself.

GLAMSENSE: Do you have any upcoming performances?

PATRA: I have just done glam sense award show and performed with the Roots for their Christmas special. My album comes out in a month so you will see and hear a lot from me

GLAMSENSE: Your outfit is lovely, who’s your designer?

PATRA: well my outfit was designed by the lovely TIFFANY RHODE from her new and improved collection “BUTCH DIVAS”; she loves the dancehall culture and Jamaican vibes and has always been a fan of my style and now she is one my main stylist.

GLAMSENSE: Well PATRA we wish you the best for the future and you’ll always be Irreplaceable and we know you’re going to do just find.

PATRA: (PATRA laughs) and say “mumma plus to di world”.