Monday, December 27, 2010


VERY RARE.....Original BDP record. This is the record that inspired The BRIDGE IS OVER. Mr Magic did not play this record and KRS came at is history. Below is the story from the producer of the track.

I am Kenny Beck, writer, producer and musician who played all the tracks on the song. It's nice to hear of your interest and I will do my best to accommodate you. Memories - hmmm, well, I had written the song before I met Kris. Scott was a fine young man that had been at me for a while because, I guess, I as considered a pretty happening producer at the time (executive producer of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jams first single "I Wonder If I Take You Home", Octavia's single "2 The Limit", producing and managing other artists (Dhar Braxton), had ownership of Joyce Simms first big hit "You are My All and All" - but subsequently released it back to them rather then tying them up without a firm release date - and was signed as an artists with Stock, Aitken and Waterman (PWL in London - Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Bananarama. Dead or Alive and Princess, at the time. Also had the number 3 song on the top of the MusicWeek charts in London - Mine All Mine by Cashflow - Polygram Records, which I wrote, produced and played most of the instruments on (as well as publishing).
I actually created the song to help my twin brother re-establish himself back in society (after doing a tough bid for a few years). His name is Kevin and was well known and friends with Africa Bambaataa and that whole associated crew of Black Spades (soon to be call The Nation Of Islam. Kris was a cool kid who had a lot of bitterness on his shoulders at the time because he was forced to live in a shelter. The South Bronx was really tough at that time, but somehow we all managed to bond together, though a little cantankerous at times. Scott was always there as the consummate, caring peace maker. Scott was simply, the greatest caring soul who always worried about his fellow man, a kindness that would tragically end his benevolent, beautiful life.

On the day that Scott got killed, he and Kris came to me at Columbus Circle and asked me to come with them up to Sedgwick Ave and help them squash a beef between D-Nice and somebody else. I told them "bad move" and "don't do it". "Let that shit die down before you even think about going to deal with it". Unfortunately, that was not meant to be. I got the tragic news later on that evening and for me, that was sort of the ending for it all. Without Scott, what was the point? He was really the driving force for me to make this happen at all.

Kris was never really happy with the track at all, thought it was to corny, but I had always had a reputation for pushing the envelop in another direction, just to break new ground an d create unique opportunity for a greater amount of folks.

I did another record like it on Fred Munao's label (UTFO) Select Records called "Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous", while everybody out there where concentrating some RC Van Silk kind of stuff and things like "the Vapors". All mine were strictly about the "Bling" even before anybody ever gave it a though. Check both records, more than a quarter century ago!

If you need some more stuff let me know. Glad to be of help. Stay in touch. You have my permission to reprint this, as is only. Take care.

Kenny Beck
Baby Beck Records
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