Tuesday, December 14, 2010


238Beats Entertainment Group is executive producing  legendary R&B group ALLURE's new album to be released in 2011.

If you love their songs "All cried out" ft. 112, "Head over Heels" ft. Nas, "No Question" ft. LL Cool J, and "Enjoy Yourself"....then you will love their newest upcoming projects and songs in store for you! Allure is a New York-based R&B girl group that formed in the early 1990s.

Allure got their chance when they met Poke of the Trackmasters production team, who gave them an audition in 1996. He was impressed and signed the girls to Trackmasters bestowing them with their name, Allure. It was through his help that the girls were able to become the first group signed to Mariah Carey's Crave Records under the name of Allure.

They released their debut self-titled album in 1997. After signing with Mariah Carey's Crave label (1997), MCA (2000), and Truewarier records(2003), Alia, Akissa, and Lalisha of Allure want to take their talents to a new level in which they will have more creative control over their music without a major record label. "We want to bring you the best in true music, and we pour our hearts out into our songs, relating our lives and experiencies with our fans." says the group. " We want to make more music for our listeners that will touch, inspire, and create wonderful memories and experiences for them."

"As mothers, friends, and women who have overcome many challenges we continue to stay together as a group and love performing to encourage and inspire others." says Allure. Allure recently performed at the Tashera Simmons Women of Strength Charity fundraiser to aid individuals experiencing domestic abuse and continues to perform at various charities and events.

The making of this new 2011 album will be filmed and made available on www.allurelive.blogspot.com so that fans can get a glimpse of the recording process and experience the progression of this project with Allure. With this album, Allure will give their fans the music they have come to love and cherish.