Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rammelzee vs K Rob - Beat Bop

Legendary record with a crazy story behind it. This record takes me back...priceless memories. Peep the story behind this record. DO THE KNOWLEDGE!!!

1983’s epic ‘Beat Bop’ by Rammelzee and K-Rob is best known as the magnificent theme for the film, ‘Style Wars’. Rammellzee’s old school flow perfectly encapsulates the film’s energy, rapping about The Son of Sam and other noteworthy elements of NYC pop culture as The Rock Steady Crew break dance against Dynamic Rockers. It is a stunning ten minutes of psychedelic instruments and stunning old school anthem lyrics. ‘Beat Bop’ came about when Fab 5 Freddy took Rammellzee to meet the up and coming (and now legendary) Warhol protege, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Rammellzee, known as one of the originators of Graffiti, underground art, and street culture, thought Basquiat was a fraud. Their conversations got so heated that they eventually took it to the form of a recorded battle over an electro / hip hop instrumental that Basquiat had produced himself. Rammellzee later tossed the lyrics Basquiat had recorded and told fellow wordsmith K-Rob to go off on a different level. That song was eventually released as ‘Beat Bop’, and was known to sell for as much as $1000 at the time because of its Basquiat cover.

Courtesy of Boom Kat

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