Friday, November 14, 2008


I remember my man Sha called me early in the morning to tell me BIG had been killed. I could not believe it man. I immediately turned on HOT 97 to get more info. I don't even have to get into what BIG meant to hip hop and at that time to the east coast. I remember thinking that Suge was behind this and still feel that way today. My man Chris from Gun Hill projects in the Bronx had a notebook with some of Biggies rhymes and an order for clothes that Big made for his first tour. Big had been to his apartment before he was on with Dan Tanna who used to work for Uptown. Chris brought the notebook to my house and the lyrics for Party & Bullshit, Juicy and a few other joints were in the book. He also had 8 Karl Kani jeans, 7 pairs of Timberlands and some other things written down as well. Little did Chris know that he had a piece of history in his hands. He kept it though and probably still has it to this day. Anyway, this is the Hot 97 tribute to Big. RIP big

Part 1

Part 2

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