Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Essence of the Bronx..............

BDP to me , is the essence of the BX. I still remember the day they killed Scott La Rock. I used to have my turntables set up next to the front windows of my house so that I could be be the block radio! lol I used to play the music so loud that I could never hear the phone or the doorbell so people used to just tap on the window next to my set. My friend Bobby came to the window and said " Yo they just killed Scott La Rock!". I could not believe it! That night we all went to Skate Key on Allerton Ave in the Bx and they had a Scott La Rock Tribute. The shit was sad but after that point the BDP movement seemed to get even stronger. KRS in my opinion, is probably the best rapper ever. If you have ever seen him perform live, you already know. Few can control the crowd the way he can. He also raised the bar in terms of lyrical content. No champagne,no bitch this or ho that,no fake blood and crips shit and no bufoonery. He taught while he entertained and is one of the few rappers (if not the only) to have lectured at ivy league universities. Pay homage to the Teacher. I made it easy.. here is the entire BDP discography. EVERYTHING!



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