Thursday, December 11, 2014

#VIDEO "Legends of the Forgotten Borough" Stage Play...@ForceMDs

"LEGENDS OF THE FORGOTTEN BOROUGH” is play about a brotherhood that ignited a new sound and style that would make it’s way into America’s heart. It was a unique blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and Doo-Wop created by The Force MDs. The setting takes place in front of their family home after TC “Top Cat” a.k.a. Antoine Lundy’s funeral service. We are taken back to their fond thoughts and emotional past. Their true story of perseverance, frustrations, joys, accomplishments, addictions and music gives us a glimpse into what is was like to be at the dawn of a blooming new wave of culture in the early 1980’s. This group is behind hits like, “Tender Love,” "Here I Go Again," “Tears,” and “Love is a House.” They also hold the title of many firsts, one being-the first R&B group with a DJ member and the first to combine R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop and Doo-Wop. This play not only entertains us through the memories of the group, but serves as preservation piece of American music history. STARRING: Jemar Velazquez, Jus Hughes, Maurice Clark, Colin Osborn, Oliver Lester, Chadd Balfour, Byron Knox, Shannon Mykins, Chinequa Bailey, Jonathan Cohen, Tangsauce, Alix Gouborn and Martin Smith. NOTE FROM THE PLAYWRIGHT: Preserving what is dear to us can be accomplished through various means. Some people keep photo albums, some write stories, some make music, and some put it on display for others to appreciate. This production attempts to take its audience to the secret episodes of an iconic group. We enter the minds and hearts of these unique, but not so unfamiliar characters, and witness what once was. May respect and preservation continue to be a part of our culture as we move through time. The only way we can know where we are headed is by honoring and appreciating where we come from. –Sharece M. Sellem The read about this play in progress, please go to: