Monday, March 4, 2013

#Fundraiser : 211 Community Impact's Move for the City Fundraiser 3/21/13

"On March 21st, 2013 I along with my partners Eion Haynes and Dr. Lauren Wells along with Redman (Reggie Noble) Will be launching our not for profit organization call 211 Community Impact. Our event is called MOVE FOR THE CITY and our initiative is LITERACY which is tied into every aspect of the community. 211 Literacy initiative is called READING IS FOR LIFE. Please help us challenge and push forward towards making our communities more aware and Join us on this Future historical night. Thanks in advance. A MOVEMENT IS NOT A MOVEMENT IF IT IS NOT MOVING!!!!! Let's MOVE FOR THE CITY.

 Dupree " Doitall" Kelly

 Founded by Dupre' (Doitall) Kelly, Dr. Lauren Wells, and Eion Haynes, 211 Community Impact (211 Ci) is a Newark-based non-profit community organization. Our mission is to stimulate interest in community issues and foster action for change by providing innovative community education programs, public policy information and resources, and forums for active community engagement and inclusive decision-making in Newark.

"Move for the City" is our first annual fundraising event to raise funds for “Reading is for Life,” a city-wide literacy initiative in Newark, NJ. "Reading is for Life will build a coalition, educate our community about the standards students are expected to meet in school, and provide them with resources and strategies to support literacy rich environments outside of school.
Appearances by: 
Treach (Naughty by Nature),
 & Doitall ( Lords of the Underground)

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