Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bastards Of The Party (2006) - Documentary about the Bloods & Crips

Shouts to Doo Wop for reminding me about this documentary. Below is the description.

Bastards of the Party is a 2006 documentary film produced by Antoine Fuqua and directed by former Bloods gang-member Cle Sloan. The film explores the creation of two of Los Angeles's most notorious gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, from the perspective of the Los Angeles community. The film also denounces gang violence and tries to present meaningful solutions from former gang-members to stop this problem. Bastards of the Party begins to explore the history of African-American gangs in Los Angeles all the way back to the black migration from the south in order to escape In the 1970s the movement and the people began to change. There was a larger push towards individuality and freedom and less of a push towards self sacrifice. This attitude is illustrated in the movie Superfly, where the main character is out for himself. In this atmosphere, Raymond Washington created the concept of a gang of the new generation of youth that went from "the cradle to the grave" and was joined by Stanley "Tookie" Williams and Jamel Barnes in the formation of the Crips. The title of the movie, Bastards of the Party comes from a passage in City of Quartz that reads: "As even The [Los Angeles] Times recognized, the decimation of the Panthers led directly to a recrudescence of gangs in the early 1970s. 'Crippin,' the most extraordinary new gang phenomenon was a bastard offspring of the Panthers' former charisma, filling the void left by the LAPD SWAT teams."