Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dom P - Dose of Pain Official Video (Video 3 of 3)

Had to represent for Dom P. Filmed all around the Dyckman & Inwood parts of Manhattan. I used to stay on Post ave crazy! Make sure you support. Read below for more info on Dom P.

Dom P is a New York City born and bred unsigned Hip Hop lyricist whose blood has been running music since he was born. He has worked on 3 mixtapes and is already catching a buzz not only in New York but across state lines in Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, California, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Virginia. Not to mention being featured on such websites like OurStage.com (Currently #7 out of 1682 Entries), TreazRadioShow.com, IvyBetty.com, UEG Radio Presents Untouchable Wednesdays and AfterLife Takeover Radio via NiteLineRadio.com just to name a few. His latest effort "I Make Music", continues to gain listeners all over the Internet at a growing steady pace and will undoubtedly become a well known mixtape once signed. In addition, on youtube.com under the name "MusicForDazeTV", you can find a promotional three part video series (Video #1 - I Am Gone, Video #2 - History Takes Time and Video #3 - Dose Of Pain) displaying his lyrical skills that have made him a respected and sought after artist. As an artist however, Dom P is more then your average pick up a mic and rhyme artist. The ability to write, produce and arrange his own music separate and place him ahead of most up and coming artists. Music For Daze and Untouchables Entertainment Group, is working hard on changing the state of Hip Hop and other forms of music and art for the better.