Thursday, November 4, 2010


Shouts to JS - 1. This is a great collection

*this mix is 80 minutes of uncommon 90's hiphop songs... it is not the typical 90's playlist, you probably don't have all of these tracks....*

1- reprogram intro
2- channel live - reprogram
3-the legion (dres) - jingle jangle
4-biz markie - girl named kim
5-kool g rap - its a shame remix
6-krs- mad crew
7-busta rhymes - everything remains raw
8-k def & larry o - real live
9-live n effect posse - i get physical
10-craig mack - zoom (get retarded)
11-hard 2 obtain - LI groove
12-bassblasta (guru & smooth b) - down the line
13-maestro fresh wes (showbiz) - fine tune da mic
14-chi ali (phife dawg) - let the horns blow
15-trends of culture - off & on
16-doo wop - bounce master
17-masta ace - four minus three
18-kool g rap - symphony 2
19-craig g - live n direct from the house of hits
20-dr dre - deep cover 187 remix
21-fat joe (diamond d) - watch the sound remix
22-method man - method man remix
23-nice & smooth - how many blunts break
24-positive k - nightshift remix
25-lil shawn - i made love break
26-3rd bass (pete nice) - gas face remix
27-nas - villain demo
28-gza - life of a drug dealer
29-powerule - smooth
30-papa chuk - funky science break
31-nice & smooth - cash in my hands
32-naughty by nature - its on
33-erule - listen up
34-common - soul by the pound remix
35-showbiz & ag - next level
36-mad flavaz - shadez of lingo
37-oc - constables
38-mad skillz, large professor, q-tip - extra abstract skillz
39-freshco & miz - aint u freshco
40-mos def, q-tip, tash of alkaholiks - body rock
41-das efx - hard like a criminal
42-das efx - real hip hop remix
43-top quality - magnus opus
44-big noyd feat prodigy - recognize & realize
45-beatnuts - reign of the tec
46-notorious big - cunt rennaisance
47-krs - the mc
48-black attack & problemz - correct technique
49-nas - the world is yours remix
50-nas - it aint hard to tell remix
51-large professor - spacey
52-DITC - day one
53-chubb rock - beef
54-cella dwellas - land of the lost
55-ten thieves - no matter who you are
56-saukrates - father time
57-mic geronimo feat oc royal flush - men vs many (hook)
58-tragedy - funk mode
59-mobb deep - shook ones pt 1