Thursday, September 2, 2010

ROCK DANCE HISTORY: The Untold Story of Up-Rockin' Vol. One by Jorge "PopMaster Fabel" Pabon

Shouts & MUCH RSPECT to B Boy legend Jorge "PopMaster Fabel" Pabon. This is a MUST see documentary.

ROCK DANCE HISTORY: The Untold Story of Up-Rockin' Vol. One features Bronx Rock dance legends: Enoch, Papo and Marine Boy. Clips from this documentary, filmed, edited, directed and produced by Jorge "PopMaster Fabel" Pabon have just been released today, Sept. 2nd, 2010 on his profile page at


Part 1:

Part 1.5:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Part 6:

This series of interviews reveals amazing dance footage as well as pieces to the puzzle of the history of one of the major foundational dance forms associated with Hip Hop culture, known as Rockin', and later referred to as Up-Rockin'. Part of Fabel's inspiration for undertaking this series was due in part to controversy regarding the history of this dance form.

This work in progress is a response to certain Brooklyn based dancers adamantly rejecting the possibility of early Rock dance originating out of the Bronx and Manhattan. Within the past 15 years, claims have been made that the Rock dance and its "original" style and "correct" form began in Brooklyn. After years of debating and valid points falling on deaf ears, Fabel took it upon himself to seek out some of the Rock dance legends from the Bronx and Manhattan. He was determined to have their voices heard and their rightful place in Rock dance history established. The subjects in this documentary will challenge the history of Rock dance as most people know it and will finally set the record straight regarding their part in the history and development of this amazing dance form!

Note from Fabel: "This documentary was also inspired by my continuous efforts in presenting a different perspective of Rock dance history. One example being this note I posted on January 8, 2010: To all students of the Rock & B-boy dance, keep an open mind & learn the whole truth!!/note.php?note_id=260116816808

I'd like to thank my good friend Franc "Perico" Reyes (former Rock dancer, Hustle legend and creator of the films: Empire, Illegal Tender and The Ministers) for putting me in contact with Marine Boy who then connected me with Papo who, in turn, introduced me to Enoch. It was all a chain reaction! I plan to screen ROCK DANCE HISTORY: The Untold Story of Up-Rockin' in it's entirety at a soon to be announced venue and date. It will feature more interviews of Rock dancers from the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The event will include a panel discussion with Rock dance pioneers and legends plus a Rockin' contest which these legends will judge. My sincerest gratitude goes out to all who have helped in this effort thus far including: Elias "Weebles" Reyes, Lil' Lep (New York City Breakers), Jerry Maze (TATS CRU), Joey Juice (Ching A Ling Nomads MC), B-Boy Zip (Floor Master Tops), Sam Lugo, Papo Luv (Brooklyn's Vicious Dancers), Arnaldo "Tito" Cepeda aka Fly T (Wicked Wizzards) and everyone else who consulted and contributed. I also extend a special thank you to The Point CDC (Community/Arts Center) in the Bronx for all their support."