Friday, September 24, 2010

New Music Seminar MC & DJ Battle, 1987

WOW!!! I was trying to grab this tape a while back and could never get a working link. Big shouts to DUTCH for posting this. MAKE SURE to get this one. Shouts to King Sun who I just reconnected with after 15 years.

Mr. Mixx Vs. Vandy C.
Melle Mel Vs. MC Breeze
Cutmaster D.C. Vs. Joe Cooley
Grandmaster Caz Vs. Bango
Mixmaster Ice Vs. Easy G.
King Sun Vs. Disco C.
Cash Money Vs. Jazzy Joyce
Grandmaster Caz Vs. Melle Mel
Mr. Mixx Vs. Joe Cooley
Cash Money Vs. Easy G
Melle Mel Vs. King Sun Vs. Caz
Cash Money Vs. Joe Cooley