Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DJ JS-1 & ODY-ROC "WORKIN' MIX (2010)"

Shouts to JS -1 . This track list speaks for itself.

1-nas - one time for ya mind
2-screwball feat havoc n cormega - on the real
3-fa tjoe - respect mine
4-fat joe - dedication
5-raekwon n ghostface - wisdom body
6-jeru - me not the papes
7-jeru - remix
8-mobb deep - eye for an eye
9-nas - i gave u power
10-fat joe n krs one - bronx tale
11-ghostface - stay true
12-ghostface, raekwon n cappa - fish
13-mobb deep, ghostface, big noyd - back at you
14-mobb deep - cradle to the grave
15-da youngstas - murder
16-tragedy n havoc - funk mode
17-epmd n dasf efx - ruff rugged n raw
18-big noyd, nas, cormega - suspect
19-mobb deep - animal instinct
20-mobb deep - man down
21-mobb deep n cnn - parole violators
22-company flow - lune
23-saukrates - father time
24-ahmad jamal - misdemeanor
25-scarface - roll 'em
26-electric prunes sample - general confessional
27-beatnuts - niggas know
28-beatnuts - uncivilized
29-beatnuts - super supreme
30-krs one - mad
31-krs one vs oc - kill a rapper vs times up
32-diamond d - the hiatus
33-onyx - walk in ny
34-blahzay blahzay - danger pt 2
35-headz aint ready - bootcamp clik
36-spit - showbiz & ag
37-mic geronimo feat oc & royal flush - many men
38-fab five - lefleur laflaur
39-large professor - mad scientist
40-ole dirty bastard - raw hide
41-craig mack - get down
42-epmd - crossover (in da trunk remix)
43-busta rhymes & rampage - abandon ship
44-gangstarr feat jeru & lil dap - speak ya clout
45-mr voodoo - lyrical tactics
46-3rd bass - product of the environment remix
47-above the law - murder rap
48-gangstarr - take it personal
49-das efx - klap ya handz
50-erick sermon - stay real
51-lords of the underground - here come the lords
52-kool g rap - road to the riches
53-steady b feat krs one - serious rmx
54-wu tang clan - protect ya neck