Friday, May 8, 2009


I apologize for not posting right yesterday or Wednesday but I have been dealing with some real bullshit with this party. Please read below and I am back on my shit today with the blog.

It has come to my attention that the K Lounge no longer wishes to cater to "Black or Latin' crowds on their Friday or Saturday nights even though it was not a "hood" crowd . The venue went back on a commitment they made with 238Beats, Chuck Chillout,Roc Sqad Ent & Blu Moon Entertainment for a weekly Friday , Saturday & Tuesday night event. We had a successful party this past Saturday and received a commitment from management of K Lounge for our event this Saturday and a weekly industry event that was to begin on Tuesday May 12th. On Wednesday evening we received a call notifying us that the venue had " lost their license" and was unable to play any "loud music" or host any party of more than 50 people. This was an outright lie as they hosted an event yesterday evening with a DJ and have an event scheduled for tonight May 7th with a DJ as well. I was told by the manager of the club last week that they were trying to move in a different direction and " did not want that many black people in their venue and wanted to cater to a more mid town type of crowd" I am sure you can read between the lines as to what a "mid town" crowd means to them. Our events were incident free each week and the crowd was mixed. We doubled the bar's income and brought the venue MUCH NEEDED promotion thru 98.7 Kiss and WBLS. The venue made a separate commitment to Chuck Chillout for a weekly Friday night party that was to begin on May 15th. After making a commitment to this party, they canceled his event without notifying him. Chuck had already begun promotions on his radio show on 98.7 Kiss and had incurred costs for promotions.

Although we received a call last night from management asking us to do the event afterall because they received so many calls regarding saturday's event,we have decided to not do business with such people.I encourage you to take your business elsewhere and to not conduct any business with this venue. Please accept our apologies for canceling our event this Saturday. We will be announcing SEVERAL new events at different venues very soon. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at our next event.


omega said...

that shit is wack! I am on my way to ny next week... what events will you be doing the week of the 18th in may

238BEATS said...

I am @ Leopard Lounge on the 23rd and on the 21st I am @ Katra with G Bo The Pro Hit me