Wednesday, February 18, 2009

*****SITE NEWS*****

Some of you visit another site I am partnered with at called ASK DR NO. My partner on that site, gives recording and engineering advice and we also offer mixing and mastering services as well. We are going to be launching a new column very soon on This site is dedicated to producers and will allow us to get into more technical aspects of production. We will answer questions and will also feature video tutorials on various recording and production techniques. My partner Dr.No is a veteran engineer and recorded most of the early Wu projects. His resume is posted on my blog list sidebar..ASKDRNO. In the meantime check out the pmp site and get familiar. One of the partners in the site is Conrad Dimanche Sr. Director of A&R at Bad Boy, so you can be assured that this is a reputable site and a good platform for aspiring and even established producers. Check the site out and stay tuned for the launch of our column there. Thanks

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