Saturday, January 24, 2009


The guy on the right with the afro is Jazzy Jeff...the ORIGINAL from the Funky Four plus 1 more. Funky 4 are a legendary, pioneering group in hip hop history. They had the classic " That's the joint" and were the first group to have a girl member whom was named Sha Rock. Jeff went solo in the mid 80's and had a somewhat successful single called "KNG HEROIN". Fast forward to the late 90's and Jeff now owns Platinum Touch Recording studios on 14st in NYC across the street from the legendary Nells bar where Pac caught his rape case. The studio was down the hall from a live internet porn site , so there was always some crazy chicks roaming the halls. Jeff was a stocky dude who was good with the ladies and had a slick tongue ( no homo). This dude stayed wearing silk scarf head wraps and had a drawer in his house where I swear he had a few hundred in every color known to man. Not sure how I met this guy, but somehow I became an in house producer for the studio. At the beginning, shit was cool. If you remember the Busy Bee story I posted a wile back, that was at Jeffs studio. I also got to link up with Jemini the Gifted One and actually recorded a few tracks with him.

Jeff had a young group he was " managing" at the time called THE SPOOKS. The group consisted of a few dudes and this hot asian chick named Ming that could really sing. I wound up agreeing to produce 5 tracks for them for their demo package. Jeff came tp me with some fugazi ass contract that was going to pay me $20g's once they got signed. At the time I was on some nostalgic, honored to work with a hip hop pioneer shit so I agreed and for a minute thought the situation would work out to my advantage. So i recorded the 5 tracks and everything was good. At the time I was also working with this young Dominican singer named Caroline ( I mentioned her in my Big Pun post) and I had a hot record for her. I introduced Caroline to Funkmaster Flex thru a friend of mine named Michelob who was down with Flex a the time. I had this really hot track that I produced for her with my man Sean aka 58 up in his apartment on Gerard Ave..shouts to MU. One day at the studio I et Jeff hear the instrumental for the track. He loses his mind and begins to pester me for the track for Ming. Jeff already had sneaky plans to get Ming a solo deal and she loved the beat and wrote a nice song to it. I told him that I could not let him have the track because my artist was using it already and I was looking to get her a deal. He kept nagging me and trying to run game to convince me to give it too him. Fuck that! Pioneer or no pioneer I wasn't fucking giving it to him.

So somehow a beat tape of mine got into Derick " D - DOT" Angelettie aka The Mad Rapper from Bad Boys hands. The beat for Caroline was on there and he heard it and loved it. Originally the person who gave D Dot the tape thought it was my partner Sha's track and called him and said that D Dot wanted him to come up to Daddys House to meet. Shawn told me and I said thats good because if he got plugged in then I would get in thru him. Sha calls me up and tells me that it wasn't his track that D Dot wanted it was mine and it just so happened to be Carolines track. So I go up to Daddys House and meet with D Dot. He tells me he likes the track and wants to use it for Mase on a song he was doing with Faith. He said he wanted to re record the track there and make it better. So mow I'm amped cuz at the time Puffy's HitMan team was the shit. I was also hyped because as fate would have it D Dot knew Caroline because he tried to kick it to her on the train one day. Caroline told me that some guy gave her a Bad Boy card on the the train and his name was Derick. When I told D Dot about her he bugged out cuz he remembered her and although he wanted to kick it to her he did not know that she could sing. So now I'm fully errect! lol I got a possible track placement for Mase and I can bring Caroline into Bad Boy thru D Dot.! Nice right??? D Dot told me to give him a few days to set up a session and he would call me.

What I did not know was that sneaky scarf wearing Jeff had set up a meeting with D Dot to shop The Spooks project. The motherfucker plays him Carplines track. D Dot mentioned to Jeff that I just met with him and he wanted that track for Mase. Jeff lies and tells D Dot that he already had a signed contract with me and PAID me for the beat!!!!. Well that was a wrap. A week goes by and D Dot does not call me. So I call Daddys house and get him on the phone. He says that Jeff said he bought the track and even though I told him it was not true he did not want to get involved. I fucking lost out on that one big time.

So after that I did not fuck with Jeff. The only option I had to get back at Jeff was to shoot him in his stupid scarf head but that would not be smart. lol The Spooks figured out Jeff was a creep but not before they got a my demo package. Since the contract had expired they no longer had the rights to my beats and besides they did not know the samples I used to make those beats so they would not be able to clear them. They left Jeff so that was good but they fucking replayed the beat I had made for Caroline and released a video for it called Sweer Revenge. They replayed the vibes I originally sampled from Lonnie Liston Smith and flipped some of the music. Still my beat and my production. The Spooks had some international success with their album S.I.O.S.O.S but disappeared after that. I think Ming put something out solo but it was real underground. She could really sing and I have no bad feelings toward them. Below is the video for Sweet Revenge and then I posted Carolines version.
THE MUSIC INDUSTRY SUCKS. but I still loved every minute of it and maybe I will get back in it. Let's see. Shouts to Jazzy Jeff you sneaky fuck! lol



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The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I like The Spooks. I haven't heard there second album but the first one was dope. You can't really compare Caroline's voice to Ming Xia, two different levels.

On a side note from my city there was group called The Black Spooks (DJ KMP,Sly Boogy,Dirty Birdy)and were ready to sing with major label but had to change their name because due the NY group.Eventaully the group broke up. now DJ KMP is Chino XL's DJ,Sly Boogy is down with Sway & King Tech's label and Dirty Birdy is an local artist.