Saturday, January 17, 2015

#Editorial I Remember Real Hip Hop

Never thought I would see the day when 95% of the "Rap" music made has NOTHING to do with Hip Hop. People say "you hating" if you don't like all the new "music" these new "artists" are putting out. FINE. Call me Hater #1 then. 

I just remember the times when you could not even use a name similar to another artist or DJ. Now you have 10,000  " Young"s" 1,0000,000 "Lil's" and so on. 

People don't remember the times when you couldn't even have a nickname similar to another artist.
You couldn't use the same sample as someone else did because you were:
The fans would call you out on that shit....Now... it;s follow the leader and whatever's "HOT".

So artists that send me your demo's and looking for advice...Here is the most important piece:


The 2nd piece is IF you are lucky enough to reap the FINANCIAL rewards Hip Hop has provided for you then you BETTER


all the money your are FORTUNATE enough to be making off the blood,sweat and tears THE FOUNDATION laid for you to do so.  Make your money...but put it away for the day the industry turns the faucet off on you.because
 Popping bottles is not an investment. One day you will wish you had all that money in the bank.