Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pete Rock - The Making of Run DMC's "Down With The King"

Classic Hip Hop story shared by Pete Rock via Facebook

"JMJ 4EVER! Never forget when he came to hillside ave on my mothers doorstep talkin bout "cmon pete lets finish working on beats" i almost passed out lol. Imagine your door bell ringing and you answer it and its jam master jay? smh R.I.P. to one of the greatest DJ's in the world. Short story lol,when i got the meeting about run dmc through untouchables of course (dj eddie f) and was hot on this idea and convinced D & jay of the beat,we didnt quite win russel's heart about the idea yet. We were all excited about the beat but had to kinda win russel over and run also. ASAP i got down about it and thought it wouldnt happen. A few days later jay shows up @ my mom's crib. When i answered the door i felt light headed hahahahahahaha but i quickly pulled myself together and we went to D.O. basement and started working on the beat more. Jay participated in making the beat with me,just drum pattern wise he said yo pete i want the drums to go like this,and i did it. Then magic started to happen lol. I started finding records and ill sounds and came up on this singing that was nuts.Im saying all this to say jay made this record happen and picked my spirits back up,then history was made. Unforgettable!!! I lost a vid of us practicing in the basement cuttin records. We cuttin up peter piper together. Frikkin EPIC!!! Lost that vid,and two five was on that vid like crazy lol. R.I.P. JMJ AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WE LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This was one of the greatest comebacks in HIP HOP! #JMJRUNDMC4EVER" 
Pete Rock