Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We are Symbolically burying Violence in the city of Newark, NJ

The Funeral is taking place on Oct. 27, 2013. With Processions lead by a funeral home with director that has been assigned to each ward. The funeral homes are providing hearse and caskets and will be leaving from designated starting points in each one of the five ward (east, west, central, north, and south) of Newark.

We have Student representatives from Barringer, Weequahic, Central, University, Westside, and Shabazz that will be leading the high school and youth movements toward Bears Stadium where the Funeral Service will take place. 

There will be NO politicians or anyone with any POLITICAL AGENDA speaking at the podium. The service will be spearheaded by selected youth leaders, residents of the community, family members of the victims and selected community based organization leaders.

The service will also have a selected prayer from the Bible, a selected prayer form the Quran and a prayer in spanish. The City, state and government officials will be mourners sitting int he front row.

All of the celebrities and people with some notoriety we ask to be involve not only by there presence but by helping in anyway that they can. With video messages, PSA's, Twitter blast, Facebook blast, Instagram post, donations etc. There will be press to talk to all of the officials and celebrities after the funeral.

There have been a lot of Marches on City Hall and Rally's in the city of Newark, NJ and nothing much more afterwards. This time a Coalition of Community Leaders, residents, youth leaders lead by Du Kelly chair and founder of 211 Community Impact better know as Doitall from the legendary Platinum HipHop group Lords Of The Underground have organized the biggest funeral that the city of Newark and surrounding cities will ever see.

The Mission of the Funeral is bring awareness of the violence in the city of Newark on a national level and to start the process of changing the mindset of the youth and residents of the community and to get others to see that our city has been crying out for help not only from the outside but from within. We have great community leaders with programs that work but not enough funding to make these programs make sense on a grand scale and we need that to change.

Scheduled for attendance is Shaquille Oneal, Lords Of THe Underground, Redman, Naughty By Nature, Mike Bivins, Mr. Cheeks, Rah Digga, JD Williams, Hakim of Channel Live, Ed Lover and a host of others.

For More information please send an email to or hit us on Facebook: Thefuneralnewark Instagram: @Thefuneralnewark or Twitter: @thefuneralnewark or call 862-781-0549

Thanks in advance
Du Kelly.