Friday, April 19, 2013


Shaliek : The Past. Purchase The Past NOW: 
R &; B Soul Singer, Shaliek's new video features the debut single, 

The Past, from his forth coming album entitled Blood Sweat Tears. The single is currently heating up the radio on your R&B stations. Shaliek's fresh vibe with classic soul is becoming more of a familiar face on various media outlets, establishment him as rising star to listen to and watch. . "The Past" filmed on March 29th in Brooklyn, NY. The Leading Lady is Shakeela Bhyat and the Make-up Artist is Graylon Everett. Executive Produced by Ruben Rodriguez, Founder/CEO of Pendulum Records. Produced by Doitall "Du Kelly" for 211 Media Group. Directed by Garth Von Glehn. Management: Ram Talent Group Please contact Robin Downes to set up interviews, appearances and more information: Email: Phone: 310-266-7362 or 201-363-1461