Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The Bouncemaster DJ DOO WOP will be a presenter at the first annual GLOBAL SPIN AWARDS 11/19 in NYC.The  event will be hosted by MTV's / Sirius Shade 45's own SWAY CALLOWAY. 
 Below is information on the event and a link to the website.

 The Global Spin Awards will be the Premier DJ Award & Ceremony.
In recognizing that DJ’s often go overlooked,  Shawn Prez (Bad Boy Records Executive and founder of the 15 year old premier  Urban Lifestyle Marketing firm Power Moves Inc,created the GSAs to award and honor the world’s most dynamic DJs who have impacted diverse audiences globally and across genres.

The GSAs will spotlight the ground breaking innovators that usher in the new and preserve our musical legacy. From the influential DJ pioneers and innovators, to the trendsetters and entrepreneurs; elite DJs across the globe will be recognized and honored, amongst their peers and other industry professionals for their contribution to the entertainment industry and the ever expanding DJ Culture.
                                 PER THE FOUNDER – SHAWN PREZ

“Throughout my career I’ve formed long standing relationships with the DJs and have always noticed the gaping hole of lack of recognition of what the DJ actually does for the culture, the music and the entertainment industry as a whole. The GSAs were created to fill that void and finally honor the DJs exclusively hoping to educate those who don’t already recognize the importance of the DJ, it is a must that we honor them for their achievements especially amongst their peers. Simply put, DJ’s deserve their own version of the Grammy’s.”