Friday, February 3, 2012


Shouts to Doitall & Treach on this project. Make sure you support this project/ #LG'ZUP


New Jersey has a long history in hip-hop, breed talents like Redman, Ice-T, The Fugees, Queen Latifah, The Outlawz, Slaugtherhouse's Joe Budden, the Poor Righteous Teachers, and Rah Diggah. Those are just a few names though. A few others who have made their mark in NYC's neighboring city are legendary groups, Naughty By Nature and the Lords of the Underground.

As revealed in a previous interview, Naughty frontman Treach and Lord Gang's Doitall are among a newly formed group comprised of some of the state's best emcees, known as the Garden State Greats (GSG).

The group -- comprised of Trigger Treach, Doitall, Fam Famiil, Tah G Ali, Prince Ak, B-Wellz 211 and The 0-50 Boyz -- have been hard at work over the past several months on their debut mixtape ... and it's finally here. We hooked up with the new group to exclusively debut the tape, titled State Honor, a collection of new tracks from GSG and close collaborators.

The debut mixtape boasts 18 brand new songs featuring all members of the group, as well as verses from Tha Advocate, Whodini, and JD Williams ("The Wire"), among others.

"The idea was brain stormed from Fam of Rotten Razcals, who said, 'Yo we need to get together a squad,' " Treach said of the group's formation. "We had to build the movement locally, because that's how it is, you got to have your hood backing you and your state riding with you."

Look out for future projects projects from GSG. Until them, follow group members on Twitter: Treach (@TriggerTreach), Doitall (@DoitallDu), Naughty By Nature (@NaughtyByNature), and Tah G Ali (@Tah_G_Ali); or on Facebook.

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1. "Intro"
2. "We Got Dis (NJ)" - Garden State Greats ft. featuring Tha Advocate & Whodini
3. "God Given" - B.Wellz, Doitall & Tah G. Ali
4. "Sliding Thru The Hood" - B.Wellz, Tah G. Ali, Treach, Fam & Doitall
5. Tha Advocate & Doitall Interlude
6. "Fly Way" - B.Wellz, Tah G Ali & Doitall
7. "Been Around The World" - Fam, B.Wellz, Tah G. Ali & Treach
8. "Illtown-Brick City" - Fam, Prince Akeem & E Money Bags
9. "Oooweee" - Flesh Jones, Prince Akeem, Treach, Fam, Tah G. Ali, Doitall & E Money Bags
10. Doitall Interlude 2
11. "Ill Brick City Sh**" - Flesh Jones, Fam, Mo Crayne, Prince Akeem & Doitall
12. Doitall Interlude 3
13. "Watching Me" - Prince Akeem, Rich Porter, E Money Bags & Sneak
14. JD Williams (of The Wire) Interlude
15. "In My Hood" - Flesh Lucas, Prince Akeem, Doitall & Fam
16. Doitall Interlude 4
17. "Around The World" - Prince Akeem, Tah G. Ali, Fam & Treach
18. JD Williams (of The Wire) Interlude 2
19. "I'm Ready" - JD Williams (The Wire) E Money Bags, Po1 & Sneak
20. Doitall Interlude 5
21. "Gone Miss Me" - Prince Akeem, Tah G. Ali & Treach & Fam
22. "Superfriends" - Tah G. Ali.Flesh Lucas.Treach
23. Doitall Interlude 6
24. "I Smell Murder" - Treach, Fam & Tah G. Ali
25. "The Hardway" - Treach, Fam, Prince Akeem & E Money Bags
26. "Eff you Pay Me" - Treach, Fam, Tah G. Ali & Prince Akeem
27. Doitall Interlude 7
28. "Get Ya Money Back" - Treach, Prince Akeem, Fam, Tah G. Ali & E Money Bags
29.Tha Advocate & Doitall Outro