Sunday, June 14, 2009


Prince Whipper Whip, a Puerto Rican emcee from the Bronx, is a true Hip Hop pioneer. He began his career performing live with his partner Dot-A-Rock, and soon both helped to form the Cold Crush Brothers. The pair left the Cold Crush to work with the inventor of the scratch, Grand Wizzard Theodore, forming the group, Grand Wizzard Theodore and the Fantastic Five Emcees. Whipper Whip was featured in the seminal Hip Hop film, Wild Style, and has collaborated with artists from both the early days of Hip Hop and the new school, including Grandmaster Caz, Kool DJ Herc, Ice-T, Afrika Islam, the Beatnuts, Z-Trip, and DJ Honda. Also know as Papi Chulo, Bronx Puerto Rican, and Ese Loco El Vos, Whipper Whip has continued to make music, and has performed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem and the Palace in Hollywood, in addition to touring extensively worldwide.

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